Busy Week

Its been a busy week here.
On Tuesday Ryan and I visited a DME in Manhattan to check out adaptive strollers (that's just another way of saying wheelchairs that try to look like strollers but really don't). I was worried that i was getting a little ahead of myself with looking into adaptive strollers but the therapist at the Rusk institute didn't think I was jumping the gun seeing Ryan is not walking at all yet and probably wont for a while. The stroller we have at the moment is not great for support and the therapist brought up a great point that why do all the work in PT and then run the risk of undoing it by bad posture in seating. Made sense to me. The therapist brought out a chair that he thought would work and it was one i had been looking at online. Ryan loved sitting in it. He was upright and further off the ground which I think he really liked. It has a great tilt in space feature with 180 degree recline which might come in handy for diaper changing and has bus tie downs if ever needed. Alls left now is to place the order ....
On Wednesday we went to take care of a few tests I had been putting of for while purely due to lack of time. We had a sweat test for cystic fibrosis. I didn't realise how torturous this test would be! Ryan was MAD MAD MAD at the world when it was all over. Then to add insult to injury we also took care of some plasma amino acid blood tests that Labcorp in our area couldn't perform.

We finished off the week with a great trip to the barn. The snow had finally cleared and it was so nice to see the horses munching on grass and "naked". Murph was his usual good boy and Ryan got to have a ride on the little appaloosa pony Splash. This time he was in an english saddle with no pommel and was still able to sit up like a pro! I think hes a natural. He also loved all the attention from his many "barn aunties" and it was so great to be able to show them his new skills of crawling and pulling up he has developed over the winter. It was a fun way to end a stressful week with peaceful surroundings and great friends.


Momttorney said…
Can I just add that I f'in hate the testing? Hate it. We too need to go have a blood plasma acid test (we are re-doing the one from Hopkins) and I'm just dreading the idea. I HATE having my little Bean poked.

Ryan looks great on that horse!

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