Wordless Wednesday

OK, maybe not so wordless but its my blog so I make the rules :)

Ryan has a new friend. Hes never really taken to cuddly toys before, well except Tolo but Tolo the big green dragon was more of a toy as he had crinkly stuff and mirrors etc on him to play with. But Ryan has fallen in love with a little lion who JB named Ryan the Lion! Talk about trying to confuse the child! Naming his toy the same name as him, but somehow it stuck. Ryan wont sleep with out Ryan the Lion and carries him everywhere. Santa brought the lion for Ryan at Christmas, and I didnt realise until we opened the box that he has a little peace sign on his foot. Funny, as that was my wish for 2011, that even if we did not get all the answers we wanted this year that we would find some sort of peace.


Momttorney said…
So cute! I want to know more about that car Ryan is sitting in - so cute!!! Is it motorized? Or just a seat? Love it! Glad to see a post!
marie clare said…
hi! Its motorised but he will only sit in it at the moment, hes petrified when it moves (2 miles an hour seems awfully quick on wood floors) Im hoping he will like it better on the grass if this snow ever goes away.
He also likes to pull up to stand in it using the steering wheel.
I think they might make one in pink :)

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