Welcome to the club

I just wanted to share a piece of writing that I came across a while back. I think out of anything Ive read about this special needs journey this particular piece illustrates so perfectly what we mums feel and NEED to hear when the realisation hits us that our kids are "different". Forget windmills and tulips and the country Holland in some abstract sense, we just need to know that its going to be tough, yes, but it will all be ok. The amazing thing is that this letter is written by a mother who has a daughter with autism who is writing to her friend whose child is suspected of being on the spectrum, but it truly is relative to all mums no matter what the special need your child has. Funny how that is ......



Very powerful...thanks for sharing!!!
Jennifer Thayer said…
Thank you with a huge hug for sharing that wonderful piece!
I am passing it on....and on!

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