Theres an elmo in my bedding!

I found this hilarious. I was reading Ryan his bedtime story last night and came across this pic of Elmo in the book. The crib bumper and sheet in Elmo's crib were one of the first bedding designs I did after starting my current job many moons ago. Ryan was a little perplexed when I jumped up yelling "John, look whats on Elmo's bed!" in the middle of his story. So nice to see my work has a far reaching audience :)


Momttorney said…
You know your a lawyer when . . . your first reaction to this post is "is that legal? can they do that? steal her design?" Now, I imagine all of your designs (by virtue or your contract) are the property of your employers, but can elmo just take them? ;o) ???
marie clare said…
I think Elmos mommy probably went to the store we sold the finished product to to buy this bedding when he was a wee little thing :)
Jennifer Thayer said…
Marie, I didn't know you design nursery bedding! Do tell more!

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