Going Back Home

"Look out to the left,
the captain said,
the lights down there,
that's where we land"
- Joni Mitchell

(Ryan taking a snooze on the plane)
This week we all travelled back to Ireland. Its been 3 years since Ive been home, 2 for JB and it was Ryan's first time. The trip got off to a shaky start when numerous delays due to weather and mechanical problems turned a 6 hr flight into 18 hours. We were allowed to leave the plane once in that time for 30 mins when we made an unscheduled stop in Shannon airport due to severe weather in Belfast. Ryan was such a trooper the whole flight, he laughed and giggled, slept, ate, drank, and watched ALOT of TV during the whole ordeal. We couldn't have asked for a better traveling companion! Ireland was uncharacteristically covered in a blanket of snow when we arrived. I could never remember snow like this growing up! it was truly great for Ryan to get to meet all his aunties and uncles and cousins, he felt VERY loved. I headed back to the US after 1 week and John and Ryan stayed on for another week. NJ is going to be very lonely without them.
A few pics of Ireland in the snow, Dec 2010. Truly beautiful countryside
(Sorry I don't have the names of the photographers to give them credit)


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