Week in review

So whats been going on in our household this week? Wednesday we went to see Ryan's ped for his flu shot. This was actually a hard decision for me to make but I feel it was the right one this year. With Ryan's "dodgy" lung function, sorry i don't have anything more official to call the fact that we end up in the hospital more often than not with a simple cold, I felt I had to put my vaccinating concerns aside and get the shot to at least give him a fighting chance of getting through this winter without hospital admission. Although believe me I was seriously considering putting off the appointment when on Saturday Ryan was running a 104 fever and was lethargic all day. Another high fever with no obvious reason. Thankfully he bounced right back on Sunday and by Wednesday all was ok for the shot.

At the appointment we also discussed the latest round of blood tests. Ryan had all his immunoglobulins tested and all were normal except IgE which interestingly enough is usually elevated in people with allergies / asthma!

As we suspected vitamin D was low so we have started him on some Vit D3 supplements.

Ryan's doing do well in all his therapies these days. Hes really getting much better at the crawling. Here he is enjoying M's tunnel which 2 weeks ago he wouldn't go near.

Ryan finally had his first real hair cut. I had been waiting until his sides came in better but as he was developing a rather unattractive mullet at the back I felt we couldn't in good faith wait any longer! He did excellent at the hair salon. Sat up in his car chair and let the lady cut his hair without any crying or moving around. Guess he also wanted rid of the mullet!

Before any cutting - looking a little glum :(

Finished result! What a handsome boy!


claire Coyle said…
And there was I thinking that mullet was intentional :) Can't believe what a big boy he is now. Hopefully we'll get to see you all soon xx

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