Reflections of Motherhood

I just came across this video today, and think its just beautiful, the varied faces of motherhood and what they would tell a younger version of themselves. What would I tell myself? If I could go back to the scary time while pregnant? What would I tell others facing the same journey?

The one and only place I could find any support for a cystic hygroma pregnancy was on the website, , now there are alot more places on the web I think due to the increase in higher nuchal fold measurements being discovered due to earlier in-utero tests but 3 years ago this was the only website I could find. It also just happens to be part of the chorus of one of my favorite hymns

"Be not afraid,

I go before you always

come follow me,

and I shall give you rest"

These words were constantly on my mind while i was pregnant and gave me great comfort. And now they ring so true, although the journey is not what i would have chosen for myself, its way less scary now, than it was way back then, and Im so very grateful for everything it has taught me.


Deanna said…
Found your blog from Sarah's. This is beautiful. My daughter had cystic hygroma's in utero as well...but also an extra chromosome. Glad to have found your blog and look forward to following along!
Thanks for sharing with me.

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