My favorite picture!

Ellen over at is hosting a picture carnival where shes asking us to show our favorite pic our kiddos. Here's mine of Ryan;
I love this picture because it is so peaceful at a time that was so tumultuous. Ryan is 2 days old here, and I hadn't got the chance to hold him yet, he was in the NICU and I was in recovery trying to get my blood pressure down from the pre-eclampsia. I couldn't leave the bed and he couldn't leave the NICU so JB brought me this picture of our new son. I was so tired from the 28 hours of labor, so bloated from the 45 pounds of excess fluid (yes 2 weeks later I would be 45 pounds lighter), so drained from the emotional, scary pregnancy, so sore from the c section, and so so worried about my little boy who had fought the odds to be here and who I had yet to hold. This picture brought me a great sense of peace and when I look back on those days instead of remembering how everything went so wrong it helps me remember that everything is going to be alright.


Lisa said…
What a beautiful, beautiful boy! I can relate a lot. I was separated from my little guy too after a difficult birth. It helps to appreciate the cuteness. :)
Ellen said…
I seriously don't think I have ever seen such a beautiful, happy-looking newborn (I think most of them look like ET). And I love your last sentence, Marie Clare. It is nice to connect with you.
Heidi said…
Heidi & Jack.
EH said…
It's a beautiful picture. And he has to be the best looking newborn ever. He looks adorable!

I have one so similar that I bring out all the time to look at on bad days. I had the same problem - baby in the NICU, me attached to the Magnesium Sulfate drip on a different floor (and oh, god, the fluid - it was horrid). I was physically in the worst place of my life, but so blissfully happy every time I looked at the pictures M shot of my daughter.

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