Its that time of year again, the wonderful American holiday of Thanksgiving. Time to give thanks for all the blessings we have in our lives. I know people see Ryan and his challenges and see how difficult it all must be but honestly we have so much to be thankful for. Ryan's delays have really opened my eyes up to how much we all take for granted. We have kids and just expect then to crawl, walk, talk, go to school, grow up, get married, have their own children, but sometimes that's not whats in store for them, or if it is it will take alot more work than the average child. I have faith that Ryan will do all those things, that his future is wide open and full of promise but that its going to take alot of effort on his part. I know he is up for the task, he shows us this everyday. I also know that it could be a whole lot worse! That the challenges we have as a family pale in comparison to the challenges others have. The rosie red spectacles have been removed. So yes, we are truly blessed for everything we have as a family.

- I am thankful to have some family near by to spend thanksgiving with, being so far away from home on holidays really makes you realise how family is so important.

- Thankful for puzzles that keep a wee boy entertained on a cold and rainy November day in NJ.

- Thankful for holiday cupcakes - just because!

- Thankful to have so many wonderful therapists in our lives that work harder that I can imagine even after taking a pay cut because of the NJ budget. It will be so hard to let them go in April although I have a feeling we will be keeping in touch.

- Thankful for true 4 pt crawling! We are seeing all the hard work paying off. slowly but surely

- Thankful for friends near and far who walk with me on this journey.

- Thankful for facebook for enabling me to keep in contact with far way friends much easier, I'm not so good with making the phone calls!

- Thankful for the on line mums I have met and now call friends who inspire me everyday, and make us feel so not alone.

- Thankful for work at home Wednesdays!!!

- Thankful for therapists who make all this hard work fun for Ryan.

- And last but not least we are especially thankful that Ryan's health is stable at the moment, and he continues to progress and do well.


Anonymous said…
Ryan looks amazing MC!!! keep up the great work!!! hope the holidays bring you everything you want! hugs and kisses to you all. lets make a play date soon!


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