What a week

i did end up going to Vegas this week as Ryan was feeling better. While I was away at the trade show (always a joy no matter what city they are held in) John took Ryan to the pulmonologist. He was still wheezing a little so she upped his nebulizer meds. After this weekend we are to gradually wean back on the abuterol and keep the pulmicort to once a day.
Ryans getting really good at pulling up to his knees. Every time I turn around hes on his knees or sitting. So nice to see! He can get to his feet as well but we are not encouraging that just yet as his balance is dreadful. Below are some videos of his progress.


On Thursday a respiratory therapist stopped by to drop of Ryan's cough assist machine. JB says it looks like something out of Dr Who (was that on American TV? or just British?). Ryan hates it! The mask has to held to his mouth with pressure while this machine pushes air into his lungs and pulls it out, and hes supposed to keep the mask on for 5 breathes. I cant see how hes ever going to get used to it. He screams bloody murder for the whole series of breathes :(


Love to see him getting on his knees, he's got it down pat!!!

Watching him brings back memories of Bricen; his movements were almost exactly the same. Since they both suffer from low tone, I guess it's not surprising.

Hugs to you both!!!!
Bugg's mama said…
How awful to have to use that breathing treatment! I hope things are better by now!

Love, Bree

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