ER visit

Things have been a little crazy lately, I have so many half finished posts on our appointment updates but that will have to get wait until another day. We're pretty wrecked here, we just got home from the ER. We brought Ryan in tonight as he had been sleeping all day and had a gunky cough which wasn't being helped with albuterol at home. His sats were a little low, but luckily came back up after nebulizer and steroid treatments in the hospital. His chest xray showed some "thickening" around the broncioles probably related to a virus but no pneumonia. Just before we left the Dr asked us if Ryan eats alot of carrots, he really doesn't but its something everyone asks us when hes sick, he turns abit yellow like a mild jaundice ..... weird ......We were sent home with a regimen of abuterol and pulmicort, and to follow up with his pulmonologist. Now I have to decide whether to go to Vegas this Monday for work. Ugh, sometimes I hate being a working mother ........ but Im not whining because Im just glad we are all sleeping in our own beds tonight.


Heidi said…
Oh no, Im glad youre home and he's OK, hugs to your little man--
Heidi & Jack.
(sorry about work, that must be so hard when Ryan is sick, hugs)
Glad you didn't have to stay in patient. Hope the meds help. Hugs!!

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