WOW, the weather JUST changed

and we are in the throws of sickness already :(

Ryans down with a cold / flu like symptons, and a little fever. Very cranky with a bad cough. Now ordinarily this wouldnt be any great cause for concern, hey, all toddlers get colds etc and bounce back in a few days. But since the last hospital stay for pneumonia I take these things a little more seriuosly. Ryan goes downhill VERY fast without any warning. I guess Im also worried about the scarring thats still on his lungs from the last time. Note to self, must remember to ask doctors to be more clear and to show me the xrays, as I dont know if its a little scarring or something that can effect his lung function. Ugh. Sometimes a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. I want to go back to the days of pre CH when our worries were few and definitly not life threatening. Ryan is thankfully pretty healthy considering his extensive delays and wacky neurolgical system, I dont know how parents of more medically fragile kids do it. I have such a hard time dealing with things that are beyond my control. So I do all I know how to do, give him the nebulizer (cant hurt might help), keep the fever down and try to be one step ahead of the lethargy / O2 situation. And say a prayer that this indeed does pass without major incident.


Momttorney said…
Thinking of you!!! And Mr. Ryan and hoping this passes quickly . . . and easily!
Claire said…
Sorry to hear the wee man is sick. Get better soon Ryan xx
Claire said…
Sorry to hear the wee man is feeling poorly. Get better soon Ryan xox

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