IFSP meeting

Today was Ryans yearly IFSP meeting. All went well, all his therapists are very pleased with his increase in progress the last couple of months. He has 6 months left of early intervention before he joins the school system so most of the meeting was about the transition, and the multitude of meetings we need to have before next April. Its a scary thought but luckily we have a really great programme for kids like Ryan pretty close by. Im still not too pleased with the fact he has to be in a school situation just to get services as I would much prefer he was home with Diana but Im sure it will all turn out fine ..... I hope.

Heres a video to show how hes progressing with his crawling. Its still very assissted but hes getting the motion going. He made alot of little gross motor inchstones the past couple of months, pulling up to knees everywhere, rotating while sitting, pushing up to his hunches without any assisstance, and getting up on hands and knees and rocking. Ryan is just determined to do every little inchsone that makes up a milestone but in his own time.


Hes also liking the crawler a little better these days.


Hes starting to feel much better now. I thought we might have to take him to the hospital on tuesday night but he started inproving and now just has a gunky cough. Will be interesting to hear what the pulmonologist says on Wednesday.


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