Ryan is starting to get the hang of walking in his walker


Momttorney said…
This is different than a gait trainer, right?! You know I'm so mixed up over this and our PT is so darn opinionated, so I'm trying to figure out a few things on my own. I REALLY know in my heart Sam needs a walker/gait trainer. Did you guys get both? Is this a posterior walker? My gut tells me Sam would do well with one. She NEEDs support in her trunk (physiatrist confirmed this). Anyway -- message me and give me some details -- did you buy this? Is that your PT there tempting him with stuff to motivate him to move?

marie clare said…
Hi Allison, I think the walker and gait trainer are basically the same thing. Ryans PT is letting Ryan borrow this one (thats her in the video), its a small Rifton Pacer. Its quite bulky and heavy but you can add alot of support to it, and it can be used in front or behind. Ryan has the band around his tummy, we felt he would overuse the sling seat as he would probably just sit down. I would go with your gut, Sammie seems to LOVE standing and is doing so well at it, and I really think that if shes able to move around on her own steam it would do wonders for her cognitive (especially as that seems like a strong point for her already). Maybe you could borrow one from the CP association in Cal (they usually have a equipment swap programme) just to see if one would work for her?

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