Hugs and kisses

I remember watching a little 7 month old in daycare get so excited when he saw his dad come in to get him, jumping up and down in his exersaucer and throwing his hands in the air with a huge smile on his face. Now this might seem not so amazing to some folks but to me it was. WOW, they do that so young. It been 2 years that I have had to wait for that reaction from Ryan, but hey all things in good time. I came into the kitchen today just as Ryan was finishing up with Stacey his developmental instructor, he was in Stacey's arms and when he saw me he practically jumped into mine with his arms outstretched and a huge smile on his face when he saw me. You see, Ryan's not overly demonstrative when it comes to emotions which I guess is no surprise because either are John or I but yes, these social "milestones" are also delayed along with everything else. Its hard to wait 2 years for your son to reach his arms up to you, or to say mama, but you learn to see the love in other things. Ryan has a little thing he does when he wants comfort, he gently takes your hand and places it by his ear and leans in with eyes closed. Little angel hugs. Today he was at the library playgroup and he did this to the little toddler sitting beside him. Poor little fella didn't quite know what to do but D said it was so cute to see Ryan reach out for a friend. Another cute thing he now does is he will bend down and kiss the baby in a book if you ask him too. Which is lovely to see him understand a command and follow it.

In other news there is quite a bit of buzz on how the new iPad can help our kids with communication among other things. Ryan's doing really well with the picture cards and he has great use of his hands so I think this might be something he could use. Came across a blog with alot of stories and videos of kids trying out the iPad.
Now, I'm sure I can find tons of horse blankets in the basement that could find a new home on ebay to finance this.......... I'm off for some "spring" cleaning.

(poem above by Shel Silverstein)


Momttorney said…
The Best. I want to meet Mr. Ryan someday. The upreached arms, big smile . . . nothing beats it!!!!

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