Central Park

Today we headed to Central park. First step was IHOP for some breakfast. Here's Ryan practicing stacking his blocks while waiting for his pancakes.


First stop was the Alice in Wonderland statue. Ryan didn't want to sit on the statue or even the steps and kept lifting his arms up and wanting me to lift him. Strange as it sounds but that didn't bother me one bit.

Then through "the Ramble" and on to the Delacorte Musical Clock
And onto the beautiful Bethesda Fountain with its Angel of the Waters centerpiece
In other news Ryan has been working really hard on his receptive language and is getting really good at picking out an item on a picture card in a field of 2 (cant help picking up therapist speek, ugh!) . I found these great cards for him at Barnes and Noble. I had all the good intentions of making him his own flash cards with pictures of items he uses everyday, but well, it seems I never have the time, and hey someone made them for me! These cards are great as they are quite large and not only have real photos but have texture as well. Ryan surprises me and has an accuracy of about 90% picking the right item! They can be found at http://www.dk.com/ His speech therapist is concerned about his left field of vision as she says he doesn't see things on the left side as well as the right. This doesn't actually surprise me as he has some form of weakness down his whole left side, and interestingly enough its his left pupil that's bigger than the other. Hmmm.... I wonder if his cystic hygroma was more on one side than the other.


JenandTony said…
I saw you're a follower on my blog, and I'm now a follower on yours. :-) You're little Ryan is such a cutie. I look forward to following his story. - Jen
JenandTony said…
I saw you're a follower on my blog, and I'm now a follower on yours :-) Just wanted to say hi. Your little Ryan is such a cutie - looking forward to following his story. - Jen

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