24 month appointment

Well, better late than never, Ryan had his 24 month check up today although hes already 28 months. All went well, Dr B is very pleased with his development, and his good health these last few months. No hospital stays is always a plus. His height stayed at 80% and his weight went from 15% - 50% so that is great! His head measurement is slowing down but still growing, which is what one would expect at Ryan's age.

He wanted to add a few tests to the ones the neuro wanted to do, including Vit D and immuglobin (pretty sure thats not how its spelt). Hes testing all his kids for Vit D these days as hes finding 70% of the kids hes tested are deficient, which makes sense as the general trend here is to avoid the sun at all costs. However as Ryan is still on milk hes pretty sure he probably wont be deficient but we might as well test as hes getting the blood draws anyway.

I got a copy of Ryan's neurologist report from our last meeting, and was surprised to read that he felt that if all other diagnostic avenues don't turn up anything he would consider doing a muscle biopsy to look for mitochondrial diseases. This thought passes through my brain quite often, although Ryan doesn't present as typical for mito, Ive been around long enough to know that Mito doesn't really have a typical presentation, so I'm just glad Ryan's with a doctor who is willing to think outside the box. Yes, I know that doctors are trained to think horses not zebras when they hear hoof steps but some cases really ARE zebras.


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