Week in review

Ryan was back to himself this week after his 2 days of 104 fevers at the end of last week. M, Ryans PT is on vacation so his therapy was reduced by 3 sessions, although I don't think Ryan minded. He is continuing to do well in ST. After his dismal display of skills with Dr J he was showing off with Suzanne this week. He was doing very well picking out items in books and choosing between 2 flash cards when asked. His straw drinking is getting very good but he continues to have chewing issues although I see some progress here in the stuff he can eat now. Hes still being very stubborn on what he will eat by himself, he cries and turns away if you try to give him a french fry to hold but doesn't have any issue on chowing down on a graham cracker or yogurt melt. Although he is experimenting to a certain extent on his own, as evidenced when he tried to shove a handful of leaves into his mouth, only to spit them out and start crying. I'm guessing they didn't taste too good! So operation SELF FEEDING has begun. Each day I will try to make sure Ryan eats at least one meal on his own. I know he can do this he just has been fed by us for so long that he has to get used to doing it all by himself
Ryans "obsession" with stacking and fitting things inside other things, or on other things continues and as i result I see much evidence of this all over the house. Hes also very close to stacking blocks but he gets very very frustrated when they fall off.
On Friday he started his first Mommy and Me swim class, in Ryans case this will be a Nanny and Me class as I will be at work. I dont know what I would do without D, she continues to be a life saver and looking back I cant believe how long I kept him in a daycare. Ryan did much better than expected at the swim class, at the start he whined a little but nothing too extreme, and then held onto D's neck for dear life. After a while the teacher was able to get him to lie on his tummy with his arms around D's neck, and legs straight out behind him. D said he actually kicked quite abit! and enjoyed splashing . I think these sessions are going to be fun for Ryan.


Kent said…
Hi Marie, thank you for all your thoughts. Is there an email address I can contact you at? Thanks. Kent

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