Nothing much to report here, we are all still trucking along, enjoying the summer. This year we are trying to do more things on the weekends than we did last year. If we leave for Ireland the end of the year then I want to make the most of our last summer in the US.
Ryans still loving his library class on Wednesday mornings. I now have dozens of craft pieces that "he" has made. I have to find a place to store them as they are beginning to mount up and I would feel bad to throw them out. Diana reports hes getting much better with enjoying the songs and the clapping which is a big improvement sensory wise. But he needs a lesson in th 7th commandment ............
Here he is surveying what items he needs for his art .....

And going in for the steal while the other little fella is not looking :)

Its been so hot and steamy here the last couple of weeks with regular temps in the mid 90's so JB and I broke down and purchased a small pool back yard for Ryan. We had a pretty hard time finding one as it seemed that everyone in the state of NJ had the same idea and most places were sold out. Ryan's nanny sent me these photos today of Ryans first time in the pool with his PT. He will need the practice as I just signed him up for a baby swim class at the Y starting July 30th.


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