Happy July 4th

July 4th we headed to the NJ State Fair at the Meadowlands, one of he biggest state fairs in the country. It was brutally hot but Ryan held up better than expected. He tends to melt in the sun, I don't know if that's because hes Irish or he has some heat intolerance. He actually enjoyed all the lights and noise of the rides and had a great day watching all the people from the comfort of his stroller. We planned to stay to the end to see the fireworks but Ryan was too wiped so we had to give it a miss.

In other news Ryans been doing really well moving around in his new gait trainer, he gets tired very quickly though as he has to stand and walk as it has no seat, but for short bursts he does fine and M his PT thinks he will just rely on a seat if we give it to him. He also getting much stronger at standing at the standing table. Still having some difficulty pulling up to stand at it, but this will come in time.


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