We had a pretty hectic weekend. Friday night Ryan and i went to dinner with a few friends from work. To a small restaurant near the hospital where Ryan was born. JB and I ate there many times after the high risk obgyn appointments we had when I was pregnant, and then after Ryan was born and still in the NICU. Many sad conversations were had here full of uncertainty. It was nice to bring him back there, healthy, it felt like coming full circle.
Saturday was another first for Ryan, JB and I went sailing with Ryans PT and her husband. She lives on a lake and has a private dock. I was expecting Ryan to be afraid of the noise of the speedboat motor or the wind but he took it all in stride, and spent most of the trip taking off my sunglasses and trying to put them on himself (M was impressed :) ) She was also impressed that he was taking out the goldfish from his snack jar, and dropping them until he found a yogurt melt which he much prefers. He doesn't love the goldfish, but I'm sure the fish in the lake were happy. If you're wondering what the pic is attached its called Lakeside by an artist Ive worked with, and I just love this painting, so peaceful. We came home with more "stuff" from M, a rifton pacer (gait trainer) Im excited to try and a standing table for Ryan to pull up at. My poor living room.
Sunday I spent at the barn with Murphy, while John hung out with Ryan.
Ryan, Tolo and JB have a picnic
"Daddy, wheres the next job?"


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