Team Meeting

Each month all Ryan's therapists get together with JB and myself to discuss what everyone is working on. JB hates these get togethers as he likens them to a bunch of cackling hens (are we really that bad?) but he does manage to attend. I on the other hand enjoy them as it gives me a chance to discuss what things are helping Ryan and whats not. The real drag with having to work full time is that I don't have the luxury of sitting in on all his therapy sessions so I don't get to see everyone every week so these team meeting are great to regroup and go over new exercises. Luckily all the therapists that work with Ryan are very behind his progress and have great hopes for him. Gross Motor is still lagging very much behind, I honestly think we spent too long on belly time and now he has no want or need to get to sit or get up on all 4's. Why bother when he can can do and get to anything while on his belly. As S his OT said last night, Ryan never takes the easiest route. Its a catch 22 thought as the belly time was needed to get his head control. I think the route of the problem is a weak shoulder girdle so I asked them to work more on pushing up on arms etc. They all felt his appropriate play was much much better, and one thing I did not know he was doing was he was choosing appropriate picture cards when asked. :) and doing alot more repeating of sounds that I havent heard from him like O's and E's. His ST feels he really really wants to talk just cant make the right words and they all assured me that once the walking comes then the talking will follow......... from their mouths to God's ears..........


The one thing that jumped out to me from your post was the fact Ryan is choosing the correct picture when asked....that is huge!!! Way to Go Ryan!!!

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