Some things Ryan is loving right now .....

Ryan's new speech therapist has really helped him with his appropriate play and I finally realised that the kid was probably very bored with all the baby toys around. I had got stuck in the 6 mos age and couldn't go any further, didn't know what to move up to and wasn't giving him the chance to further his skills. How bad is that! I honestly didn't know what to do next! That's the hard thing with Ryan being my first, I have no prior knowledge of what kids play with and the stages they go through. And seeing it doesn't happen organically for Ryan he doesn't give us any hint at what hes ready for. Actually its quite amazing his fine motor is as good as it is. He has an OT that really just works on PT stuff with him and a DI that treats him a little too babyish for my taste, so when his OT was doing his last EI evaluation she was quite surprised at what he could actually do first time. So I was inspired to buy some less baby toys for him and hes loving them. He took to the Melissa and Doug puzzles like a duck to water, loves them! Although they are still a long way from being age appropriate its a step in the right direction.
So if anyone has any great toys your child is playing with at the moment I would love to hear about them


Anonymous said…
My daughter is 2 years and 4 months. Her only diagnosis is hypotonia and her biggest delay is speech. She loves Tag Jr from Leap Frog. She also loves the Animal Hospital by the brand Parents. They used to sell it at Target. It is great for learning pretend and turning the keys is great for fine motor skills. She has also been obsessed with Mr. Potato Head since Xmas - we have several of these.

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