EEG results

Received a phone call from Ryan's wonderful neurologist today that the EEG results were ..... wait for it .......... COMPLETELY NORMAL!!!
YAY!!! (kind off)
I cant say I'm surprised as it was only the 1 hour EEG and I'm getting a little used to normal results, no answers. I hate to be a party pooper but how can everything be so totally absolutely normal when the clinical presentation is so NOT normal. No, I certainly don't want my child to have seizures, that is something that is so very tough for the child and parents to live with BUT he does have abnormal head drops, I want to know what they are, why he does them, and maybe even treat. I'm tired hearing he is so atypical to anything any other doctor has ever seen and no one has any answers. So so very tired of not knowing.
So the neuro wants to see him back to discuss where to go from here and look him over a little closer. Hes as puzzled as all the other doctors but at least he seems like he wants to make somewhat of an attempt to figure it out. I am thankful for this.
In the grand scheme of things this phone call was GREAT news for Ryan. I'm sure he doesn't care if hes ever diagnosed, as long as hes happy and healthy, its just his mum who's having a hard time not knowing these days.


It's great news Ryan's not having seizures, but I fully understand what you mean by not getting answers.

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