Ryan went back to Dr B his ped yesterday for a check up on the pneumonia. Hes doing really well, his lungs sound clear, and is O2 sats are 95%, not perfect but good enough to make the Dr happy. I was a little concerned he ran a low grade fever the night before but he does that every now and again and the Dr felt it wasn't anything. So next step is a swallow study and pulmonologist appointment. Dr B also wanted him sweat tested for cystic fibrosis as although its a very minimal chance he may have this he wanted to rule it out.
So we are back to our usual routine, except still on the albuterol nebulizer for a couple more days to keep his airways open. Thankfully the scarring on his face is clearing.
Some pics of the happy chappy from this last week. Hes loving his cube chair and tray that Lisa and Josie got him for his birthday! It works great as another place to have him sit with minimal support and work on puzzles etc.


Emma said…
I love that cube chair! I have never seen one before in fact.

I'm glad he's feeling better.

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