Ryan has been in the children's ward at our local hospital since Friday night. I came home from work and he was very lethargic and belly breathing so we whisked him off the the ER , fearful he wasnt getting enough oxygen. Sure enough his O2 sats were down and a lung xray revealed bilateral pneumonia. Luckily not bad enough to go the the PICU though this time as he seemed to respond to the nebulizer treatments. Saturday he started to get a little better and was getting off 02 but his glucose levels had shot up to 300+ so they were monitoring that. Turns out that is often a side effect of the steroids they were giving him for his lungs, and of course the stress of being sick. Saturday evening he was desatting again so went back on o2, he refused to keep his nasal cannula on (pulled off lots of skin from his cheek) but he was ok with blow by. By the night he was off the o2 again but had pulled out his IV so had to be given his medication intramuscular with a 2" long needle. Ugh, he screamed and writhed in pain from the injection for about 1/2 hour, finally wearing himself out and going to sleep. Next day Dr B said he was good enough to go home and take the meds / nebulizer there.
Lots of follow ups from this little adventure, should see Dr B the ped again on Thursday, follow up with swallow study, and see a pulmonologist as hes had 2 serious lung infections in 4 months. Will aslo need to follow up with ENT as his ears were bleeding and I'm afraid the tube has dislodged and is bothering his ears, hes been pulling at them quite abit recently.
Ive started collecting Willow Tree figurines to represent important events in our lives.
Last time Ryan was in the hospital I got the Angels Embrace as it looked so like how Ryan was in Johns arms when sick.
This time I got Guardian Angel, of course because he needed an angel watching over him and also because hes now able to walk (somewhat) when hes holding onto our hands. Of course he needs alot of help and the steps are very deliberate but its getting there.


Momttorney said…
thinking of you and your sweet boy!

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