First Pony!!

Horses have been in my life since I was very very young. At the age of 6 after much persuasion on my part (he probably called it whining) my grandad bought me my first pony at Banbridge auction, a little crazy chestnut with a "wild eye" I called Clay. When he kept running her precious daughter into the gate my mum demanded he go back to the auction, unbeknownst to me. That weekend I turned up at grannys and Clay had had a personality makeover and was now very sweet. Although the color and size matched I wasn't fooled and named this new pony Sunshine. She would be with us for 20 years, and kept me safe in all manner of circumstances. In time we added a jumping and driving palomino pony called Goldie.
JB's family have also a long history with horses, so I had no reason to think my children wouldn't be as crazy about horses as I am. When I imagined Ryan's first encounter with horses these are the type of pictures I had in my head

But things don't always turn out as expected. Ive been wanting to get Ryan a gait trainer for a while as he loves moving around in his baby walker and any upright time he can spend is great for him. I found a walker on Craig's list called the PONY walker, in just his size.

Here's a video of him enjoying some outside time "on" his new pony. Now we just have to think of a name!


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