Birthday Party

have to apologise if you follow my blog and suddenly think you have jumped back in time. No there was no sudden time warp in your life, its still May 2011 But being so busy all the time I have tons of posts in draft form that I dont get around to posting, so when I get some spare moments I like to get them up here. And yep, the A personality thing wont let me put them out of order ........

We celebrated Ryan's 2nd birthday with a big party at the house. When he turned 1 I was in the depths of depression and the last thing i wanted to do was have a party, hell, it took all my effort just to get up for work in the morning. Ryan was still at daycare so I was still being banged upside the head every day with what he should be doing, denial wasn't an option so life was spent in a dark haze. Add the fact that R was sick all the time and the day he turned one was running another 105 degree fever so noone was to much in the mood for celebrating. One year later, some of the dark clouds have lifted, and I have removed most of the selfish shroud that was hanging over me in past days and I have finally realised that even if this wasn't the life we planned its the one we received and Ryan's life needs to be celebrated just as much as any other kids life. So even though its one month late (waiting until my mum was able to join us) we gathered our friends and family for a party to toast the wee man.


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