Movie Monday

M brought over another toy for Ryan to try, a big orange rocker, he loved it!


Momttorney said…
Oh Mr. Ryan has a tiny little fan here in CA . . . Sammie B LOVES this video!! Dare I say she may even have a crush? I like this too! Pulling to stand! Go Ryan Go!
carol said…
Hi Mc Carol here! ive checked out ur blog a couple of times but have just found out how to leave u a message...duh!! ur blog is great (u write so well!) and its a great way to follow Ryans (and ur) journey.. i had no idea at all that Ryan has cystic hygroma or of ur rough pregnancy etc i guess we've only really gotten back in touch! Ryan is so cute and its great to see of his progress and in the words of one of ur other bloggers..Go Ryan Go! hopefully ill get to meet him in Belfast sometime..go on move!! ;-) xxx

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