Good Friday

Ryan had a really great day in PT today with M. He was able to push himself up from lying down to sitting a few times. Now he just needs to practice and to be able to trouble shoot how to get himself out of problems, eg when he gets too straight, or his arms get too far away from his body to push up effectively. But hes getting so much better. I'm loving this as transitions are something he has the most trouble with. He has actually figured out that if he grabs onto his pant leg he can use that to help himself up. This kid confuses me, how does he figure that out but not something as simple as putting the other hand down to help push. He'll get there though I'm sure off it.

Hes been feeling a little under the weather these last couple of days, running a little bit of a fever and has developed a cold and chesty cough. First sign of sleepiness and we're off to the ER, no messing about like last time.

Ryan is back on his Co-enzymeQ10. I had taken him off it when we went to Barbados and had put of giving it to him when we got back, but then after a couple of months I saw him decline a little eg was dropping his head on my shoulder more when being carried, not wanting to sit up as long etc. So I put him back on the supplement a week or two ago and he seems to be stronger already. Just makes me wonder what this means for him if anything. Ive always wondered if there was something metabolic going on with Ryan but as the lab tests hes had have been normal the doctors don't seem to consider this, although his metabolic work up hasn't been all that extensive. He has other things that make me wonder, some days hes really out of it and others hes totally with it, hes very heat intolerant, and regresses when sick, theres also the effect cows milk has on his tone. Just wondering out loud I guess, and maybe I'm making something out of nothing ....

Today we wore our blue in honor of World Autism Awareness day.


Momttorney said…
Great news that he's starting to get himself to sitting! I keep hoping hoping Sammie B will do that soon, but she doesn't seem close. I think these kiddos are just too complex for words. You know I relate so much to the wonder, wonder, wonder . . . its a tough road, but we just keep on keeping on. That's all we can do. Sending happy thoughts to you and your sweet little man!

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