2nd year molars

I think Ryan must be getting his second molars, he been pretty cranky all week, waking up crying in the middle of the night, which is really unlike him and the scariest thing is he has reduced head control. I was really worried about this but then remembered that his head control suffers every time hes teething. After these molars are in that will be it in the baby teeth department, hard to believe hes that old, its going so fast, I want to hold onto the baby stuff much longer but hes definitely looking like a little boy these days.

An exciting thing happened this week that made me realise this little guy understands more than he lets on. Ryan was in the living room playing with a balloon he got for his birthday, he must have let it go because when I came back in it had floated up to the ceiling, I asked him where the balloon went and he looked up right at it!

On Wednesday we had our first team meeting. Unfortunately only 2 of 4 therapists from team Ryan showed up, his PT and DI. His OT and ST had forgotten. Will be sure to send them a reminder email next month. I think these meetings will be really helpful for us, its a great way to get all his team together including me and JB to discuss what everyones doing, and whats working and immediate goals. One of the disadvantages of NJ EI is that its all home based, even though the therapists all work for one provider they don't have a central office so really don't know each other and don't really get the chance to discuss a child. It can also be quite isolating for the parent but having to schlep Ryan to a therapy center sounds like a much worse situation.
Just to end the week with a little humor, doesn't Ryan bear an uncanny resemblance to a Kewpie doll? I must admit though his hair is starting to come in a little thicker on the back and sides. I cant wait to see what he looks like with a full head of hair, goodbye mohawk!


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