2 years ago today!

2 years ago today you entered the world with a little cry and promptly went to sleep. I got to kiss you little forehead before they hurried you off to intensive care. It would be 36 hours before I got to see you again, when a really special nurse broke protocol and brought you to my room while you were on your way to get an MRI. I'm so sorry I couldn't be with you that first night. Its a huge regret of mine. You shouldn't have had to spend you first moments here alone. Those first few days are very blurry for me, but I remember how peaceful you always looked in the NICU. You were the biggest baby there, a giant among all the tiny little preemies, and while most were screaming their little heads off you were always sleeping, boy did you love your sleep! I remember he first time I held you and you woke up and gave me a look as if to say "hey, whats up?" and I remember thinking you were an old soul. A weird thing to think about your newborn baby, but you just had that feel about you, that you had been here before and you weren't sweating any of it. My little "teaching soul" . Maybe I was just coming down of the drugs?
2 years have passed ....... So hard to believe! Happy Birthday Muffin Man.


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