Today I came home to find Ryan strapped into a stander. I must admit Ive been dreading his PT bringing up this conversation as I'm not really for standers as i feel they are very unnatural and I guess also because they are a big flashing sign that says your kid has challenges. Most typical kids don't have "equipment". But after getting the AFO's Ryan's PT thought it would be a good idea to get him standing some of the time, and seeing we're a long way from doing this ourselves, the stander is really our only option. She is concerned about the tight hamstrings Dr J the orthopedist found, and also weight bearing for bone growth etc etc. This is evident in is small feet size even though hes very tall for his age. Anyway, the stander M brought wasn't as bad as i was expecting, its quite user friendly, not too bulky, and not the medieval torture device I was envisioning. On another good note, Ryan doesn't seem to mind it at all. I love the pic below of him smiling at M. So now we add 10 mins 3 x day in the stander to his list of therapy chores he needs to do.

Check out this article for more info on the benefits of standers for kids (and the cute pics of some of my E friends sure help)


Cass said…
The twins have standers, too. I hear what you're saying about the awkwardness of them, but they're so beneficial for bone strength!

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