speech assessment

Ryan finally had his speech assessment with EI today. Ive been pushing for this for 2 months, making tons of phone calls to his service coordinator. His old SC left to become a ST and his new one seems nice but has way too many cases so is not totally on top of everything. I really couldn't believe she was pushing back on having the assessment, as she wanted to have his whole team in agreement, and his OT was of the opinion that it wasn't necessary! What? Hes 23 months and doesn't have ANY words (well he says Hi but thats mostly to waiters, very polite my boy) I think he could qualify, don't you? So anyway, after many phone calls I finally told her that I didn't really care what the OT thought he is entitled by law to at least have the assessment.

After 2 months of pushing for this the evaluator finally called and asked to come today, Saturday. i was afraid to put her off in case she didn't come back :) She was terrific with Ryan, knew when to push and when to back off. Basically she said shes hearing most of the vowels and consonants but due to low tone in the face his mouth is very week and unable to be more clear or put consonants together so our first order of business is getting that month and tongue moving more and chewing better. She gave us a list of exercises to do with Ryan and a page full of foods to try with him to activate his chewing. She also said not to worry about qualifying, he does and she will be there at his next IFSP meeting to assure he gets the therapy.


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