Happy St Paddys Day!

The wearing of the green was out in force today! Diana took Ryan to his playgroup at the library and he was the only kid there not in green :) Our Columbian nanny didnt really know the whole tradition and honestly JB and I could take or leave the green wearing. St Paddys day seems a little over done in the US, and my memorys of this day at home are walking up Croic (sure I spelled that wrong but its mountain in Irish) Patrick in Downpatrick, so not exactly a barrel of laughs. But for Ryan's sake we will try to wear a little green next year. Anyway, Diana has found this great FREE (yeah!) playgroup that meets in our library every wednesday. Its about 15 kids under 2 and they do little crafts, and sing songs etc. She says Ryan really enjoys it. At the other EI playgroup he cried the whole time, I think it felt like too much like therapy for him so its nice that this is something regular kids do. So this week, March 17th, he sat up at the table in a (non adapted) chair and made his mum a shamrock with all the other little boys :)


Momttorney said…
This is where we need a "like" button for our blogs, like on facebook ;o) I like this one a lot!!!

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