A really amazing thing happened today! Ryan was sitting on the edge of the sofa and I was putting on his AFO's. After I had velcroed his little leg braces I stood him up, holding onto his fingers, and he took 3, count them 3!!!! steps towards me, just holding my fingers. Yes, they were stiff, with locked knees, quite frankenstein looking but they were actual steps he made on his own. This was something I didnt quite believe could happen as he spent 14 months not even bearing a teeny tiny bit of weight on his noodle legs. So proud of the wee man today.


Rachel said…
Amazing indeed! Am reading this in awe MC. I've had a complete education. So proud of the three of you. I'll continue to tread and re-read your blog so keep the updates coming - and happy birthday to Ryan, the weeman, on the 8th xxxx
Momttorney said…
Go Ryan Go!!!!!!! So proud of him, and proud for you!!!!! Sammie B just rolled over (she's done this for awhile) but my hubby looked at me and said, "remember when we thought she'd never do that?" Slowly, slowly, the can'ts WILL become cans!!!
Kim and Asa said…
Yay!!! I know that excitement, Asa has just started doing the same thing!! These little boys are sure amazing!!

WTG, Ryan!!

Kim and Asa
Claire said…
That's fab news MC - he's a little champaign. Hopefully I'll get to see the 3 of you soon. I can't believe the wee man is going to be 2 soon, time is flying. xx

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