Snow Hurricane!

We got slammed with a snow hurricane this weekend. (I think they make these terms up). Thursday the snow started and by 7pm and a foot of wet heavy snow later we had no power. We checked into a hotel the next day as the power still hadnt come on and we were still there Sunday morning. I just couldnt take the chance of keeping Ryan in that cold house after his lung infection (he also has a cold at the moment). As we get our water from a well when we have no power, along with having no heat we also have no water. Delightful.
The 2 ft of snow made for some beautiful scenery but Im not sure our hedge will survive the onslaught :( Keeping fingers crossed it perks back up after the thaw.

Ryan in A&P stocking up before the storm

Brodie with snowball legs

Living it up in the hotel

The hedge after the storm


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