Horse of a different Color

M, Ryans PT, brought over this little wooden rocking horse for Ryan to use and he loves it!


Emma said…
He's such a big boy now. How are you doing Marie Claire?
CP Social said…
There is a new CP website and I suspect you will probably want to know about it. It’s for people who cope with cerebral palsy directly or indirectly, on a daily basis.

So what can I say about it. It pays to have a look because you’ll see we’ve taken our first steps and now want to increase membership to make it more useful for all who use it.

You are invited to open a blog, use the bookmark function, start polling, open a group or join an existing group, connect your Twitter or FriendFeed to your profile, and the options are growing all the time. Most of all, you can stay in touch with your friends and make new ones!

So, stay well and stay in touch.

The team
Tilly said…
So cute:)

I meant to reply to your comment on my post, but I think I accidentally deleted it:( I'm so sorry!
Would you mind reposting it?? Thanks:)
Tilly said…
Scratch that Marie, I found it!!! Sorry, can you tell it's almost midnight?? Time for bed:)

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