Right back to Therapy

Im amazed at how quickly Ryan has bounced back from his stay in the hospital. Normally it takes him about a month to regroup and get back to baseline, which is so scary for me waiting for the skills hes fought so hard to gain to come back, but this time, he woke up Wednesday morning and was back to his old huggable self. So Thursday we resumed therapy. Heres Susan working on 4 pt position something that takes alot of strength for Ryan to do.


Allison said…
Working so hard :o) Glad he's home, and thanks for the reminder about seizing the day . . . so hard to do sometimes when we struggle to not wonder what the NEXT day will bring . . . . Glad your little man is home and bounced back quickly!
Heidi said…
(((hugs))) Those hospital pics were heartbreaking, poor kiddo. Im so glad he's home, how scary. I hope he quickly adjusts back to his routines. Biggest hugs and continued prayers-Heidi & Jack

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