We took Ryan to the orthotics doctor today, a guy that came highly recommended by N, Ryans ABM therapist. Ryan seemed better in the morning but by the time I got home from work and ready to go to the appoinment he was looking very poorly. I decided to take him anyway, figured he would sleep in the car and was worried if we have to cancel the appoinment again we would have to wait too long and Ryan really needs to get these orthotics in work.
Dr J was wonderful, very thorough and sweet with plaques all over his wall for his work he had done with the cerebral palsy association in LI. N had mentioned he had been an medical advisor to Clinton during his term in office.
He said a few things that were interesting
- Ryan is perfect anatomically, his legs are the same length, he has an foot arch and his ankles are not that weak.
- The little bone points sticking out just above his arch that I sometimes see bruising on are growth plates and I had a right to be worried about them looking abnormal.
- The reason his feet pronate is not due to low tone in the leg but actually abit of high tone around his hamstring / knee thats rotating the leg and pulling the foot inwards.
- His joints have a larger range of motion than they should hence the frog sitting / lying etc
- He felt orthotics would help to stabilise the leg, and bring the arms down from high guard.
Ryan was casted for the orthotics at the office and they should be ready in 2 weeks.


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