Finally home!

Yea!!!! Ryan, JB and I are finally home. Goodbye hospital, thanks for the wonderful care! After 4 days in PICU and 1 1/2 days on the regular pediatric floor we were discharged with the all clear. Ryan really made an amazing upswing Sat morning when he was able to hold his O2 saturation's on his own for a few minutes at a time. The doctors and nurses were all amazed how quickly he was able to do this considering how bad he was when he came into the the PICU and how much O2 he was needing. By Monday he was taking some fluids by mouth, but still very sleepy, not really alert when awake. Tuesday he was much better and only needing O2 at night and looking more like himself when awake, and Wed he didn't need the O2 even when sleeping, was back to his regular waking pattern and ready to say Adios to the hospital.

The rolled up blanket in the pic is actually the O2 tube, by the end of the stay Ryan was holding this up to his mouth by himself, I guess it felt good :) Jb said it made him feel a little woozy, yes he was sneaking some for himself, amazing what hospital boredom can make you do LOL


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