First sickness of the winter

Ryan had been running a low grade temperature for a couple of days and pulling at his ears. He also has a cough which was beginning to sound quite chesty. I was getting nervous that if the cold went to his lungs his low tone wouldnt allow him to cough well enough to get everything out so off to the doctors we went. Luckily the chest is clear but he does have an ear infection so is on antibiotics, Dr B also thought the ear tube on the right was lying sideways so might not be functional any longer so the good news is we seemed to have dodged the flu but I should schedule an appoinment with ENT to check out Ryans tubes. Oh well, whats another appoinment to add to the list.
The great news was that even with feeling under the weather Ryan didnt go as floppy as he usually does with sickness and Stacey his Developmental Instructor said he was amazing today with trying to repeat the sounds she was making. Its all about little gains and moving forward.


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