WIll he play for Chelsea one day?

Well theres not much new going on recently in the milestone department here , we are still perfecting our pincer grasp, and getting more functional with combat crawling, and trying to get from back to sit so I thought I would let you know of a cute "skill" Ryan HAS picked up recently. Ive been trying to get him to put balls into holes, but when I give him the ball and hes sitting he just puts it at his foot and kicks it away. This is cute because hes actually purposefully taking the ball, putting it where he needs it, and kicking it, not just kicking something because its close to his foot. Turns out Diana has been working on this with him at home. I think we were blessed to have her look after Ryan. He also wants to throw things badly but hasn't quite figured out he has to let go for that to happen.

Ive also noticed that Ryan is showing his memory is developing, my Gap tops that I wear very often have neck toggles that Ryan loves to chew when i carry him, I picked him up the other day and he searched for the toggle, which wasn't there as I had on a different shirt. LOL

Some pics of a recent therapy session with Marilyn, she brought over her "crawler" but she has to adjust it as the top bar is not high enough for Ryan's head.


Emma said…
Of course he'll play for Chelsea :). Did you doubt that? :)

Greetings from sunny Florida

(Emma & Ana)

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