18 month pediatrican appointment

Ryan finally had his 18 month well visit with his new Doctor. I have been looking around for a different doctor for him, one with less of a big practice feel and willing to have the conversation with me about vaccinations. I'm not anti vaccinations but I feel Ryan's neurological system isn't like that of a typical 18 month old so I would like to err on the side of caution and not bombard his system with shots that can wait or may be unnecessary at this time. This guy came highly recommended by a friend. He runs a small practice just him and a nurse. He was so very sweet with Ryan, kissing his toes and trying to make him laugh. He was very thorough with his examination and seemed to be on top of things with what to do next in terms of a diagnosis. He advised delaying the MMR shot for a few months but wanted to get him the boosters on 2 of the shots he has already received HIB and DPT as he felt these were the ones to be worried about. But we will do HIB in 1 months time and DPT the month after.

I have gone back and forth over the flu shot versus the H1N1 shot. I knew for certain I wasn't getting both as 4 shots was just too much mercury than I was comfortable with but thought maybe I should get the H1N1. Dr B actually advised getting the seasonal flu shot instead, as he said the cases of H1N1 he was seeing the kids werent getting too sick (hence the reason it was spreading rapidly) but he felt Ryan had more of a chance getting much sicker from seasonal flu. We went ahead and got the seasonal flu shot.

Ryan's weight is 25%, height 80% and head staying steady at 95% with 50cm circumference.

He advised we start Ryan on multi vitamin with iron as his iron was low (11)


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