Opthamologist Appointment

Today Ryan had his yearly follow up with the opthamologist. I wish all his doctors were as nice as this guy, hes patient, and really engages his patients, and is very thorough. We first saw Dr B a year ago as Ryan has one pupil significantly bigger than the other (as seen in phots above) which can be linked to some pretty serious syndromes eg Horner Syndrome which can signify neurological damage or can be a totally benign condition called Anisocoria which 20% believe it or not of the population have. Depending on the size of the difference and how the pupil responds to light Dr B was able to determine that luckily Ryan has the latter, Anisocoria. During his exam he also noticed a small Astigmatism in both eyes. This is a common eye disorder in which the cornea (the clear tissue covering the front of the eye) is abnormally curved, causing out-of-focus vision. Hence the reason he wanted us back to check. Today the astigmatism is gone in one eye and slightly there in the other, he also determined Ryan is a little near sighted at the moment, but not enough to warrant glasses as infants have a huge range of focus and at this early age can normally focus out of the nearsightedness themselves, although this needs to watched as the eye grows and the baby looses that huge range of focus they have when younger. I also had some concerns that in close ranges one eye was turning inward more than the other, which the doctor also saw. The good news is that Ryan can control it but he wants to see us back in 6 months and sooner if I notice the turning increasing. He said its so very slight that its nothing to worry about at the moment. This is not due to a weak muscle but a hiccup in the connection between the brain and the muscle. Time will tell if Ryan's brain will overcome this.

Ryan has learned to give Curious George kisses. My friend Lucia in work gave Ryan a Curious George plush toy when he was born and Ryan loves to sleep with it. Its so cute to watch him give the toy kisses!


OIM said…
Hi Marie Clare,

You have a beautiful son :-) and can definitely relate to you after reading a few of you blogs (i.e. therapies, doctor visits, etc).

I just came across a babycenter post from April asking if anyone has tried the Anat Baniel/Feldenkrais method. I was wondering if you tried it out?

I am doing research on other types therapies for my one year old son which was just recently diagnosed with Angelman's Syndrome.

Hayward, CA USA

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