Ryan Turns 1!

Ryan turned one today! It was a day Ive been dreading for some reason, 1 year old just sounds sooo old, and its hard to realize he hasn’t yet caught up but under the circumstances we had quite a nice little party. We had planned to go to the Bronx zoo but it was too cold and Ryan had had a 105 fever 2 days before and had some sort of stomach virus so we had a quiet party at home, a few close family and friends. Even with the throwing up Ryan got to enjoy some ice cream cake, and was a good boy for pictures even if he was feeling really under the weather.
He got one of those FP Sing along stages and loves it! Loves hitting the buttons to make the music play while sitting in his bumbo.
Unfortunately with the virus his head control has taken a big step backwards but Im hoping he comes back much stronger in a few weeks! Its hard to see him so wobbly again when a few weeks ago it looked like sitting was actually possible.


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