Jumpin Jumpin Jumpin!!!

Ryan has discovered the joy of bouncing! About 3 months ago I purchased a Merry Muscles jumper for him. It was developed by a PT so its better for their joints / muscles than regular jumpers and is slightly inclined so will support his head. Well it didn't work out so well at the start, he cried to get out and would fling himself over the side to avoid being upright. We tried again this week and hes a totally different baby in it now. He now LOVES bouncing and has a big smile on his face when in it. Hes learning to use his legs to bounce and turn around so this will help him bear weight, and when I held him up on the floor the other day he bounced a few times whereas normally he barely bears any weight, his legs would be like limp noodles.
Oh and thats the new place for his fingers at all times, he getting his molars on both sides poor kid.

Also some pics of Ryan with his therapist Susan working on sitting. They are all very pleased with his progress at the moment.


Lauren said…
Hi! Just wanted to check in because I saw that you were a new follower to our blog. Wow - we are right there with you taking one day at a time and giving our little one the best that we can. Norrah has hypotonia and dev. delay as well. We are working on sitting and the next step will be standing. Praying for your family. Hope to keep in touch!
chadandnikki said…
He's getting so big. Congrats on molars(Clayton is getting those too) and sitting. Praying for you guys. And may I just say that he is a handsome young man.
Hua said…
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