Dressage at Wits End

So today, while all the orange men were getting ready to march back home (actually do they still march on the 12th? Ive been away far too long) anyway, I got up at 4am to drive the 70 miles to the barn to take Murphy to his second ever dressage show. After doing his braids we got him and a few other horses onto the trailer and headed out to Wits End Farm. The farm was a little spooky as there was alot of junk and chickens around but Murphy settled right in after a quick lunge. He warmed up really well and then went in for his first class. We decided on Karin riding him as I haven't been riding too consistently lately and just knew I wasn't prepared to do a dressage test. I don't need to be adding any more stress to my life and besides I get as much a kick out of watching Murphy do well as riding him. On the first test he decided that the judges box was very scary and nearly didn't want to go past it, but after a few kicks Karin got him motoring again. Thankfully he lived up to his show name No Shenanigans for the rest of the 2 tests. He ended up winning both classes with a 62 in Training 3 and a 64 in Training 4! I was very pleased with him as this was a recognised show and the judge definitely wasn't giving points away. Blue ribbons all around!


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