On the Mend

Well the Bradley household is on the mend, Ryan after 4 days of throwing up basically everything except very small quantities of Pedialyte is finally keep some milk and solids down. On Sat night we thought we would have to take him to the ER as he was throwing up even 1oz of pedialyte. The on call doc said if he couldn't keep 1/2 oz of ped down every 1/2 hour to take him in for fluids, luckily he was able to do the 1/2 oz. Hes still very rag doll like but I'm sure that will improve over time and hes a little more like his normal jolly self (see above pic sorry for the shadow across his mouth, desperately need new camera) and is back to a more regular sleep pattern. Unfortunately he feels like he has lost a few pounds when he didn't have any excess to loose :-(
Brodie is also getting back to his regular self, Uncle John came around and changed that awful bandage Rich had put on that was hitting him right at the knee joint, so now hes much more comfortable, less depressed, more willing to go outside, and back to eating, although he could still stand to loose a few pounds !
EI coordinator called and we are approved for upping PT sessions to 2x week and adding a special teacher. Don't know if this will help as I'm a little disillusioned with the whole EI therapy thing but it cant hurt, right?


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