More therapy

M, one of Ryan PT's requested 1 more session a week for him and it was approved, and I also requested a "Special Teacher". This is someone that works on things like appropriate play and cognitive skills. Ryan should really be clapping and waving by now and he isnt, Im sure they werent working on any of this with him at the daycare, so Im glad someone will be devoting an hour to this type of stuff. Im also hoping that I will learn how to help him better, how to play better with him. We meet her in 2 weeks because in the mean time we're off on a little vacation, a cruise to Nova Scotia, Canada. Wha-hoo!!!


Anonymous said…
what a beautiful boy! We use dr. Venket in the princetion satelitte office from CHOP. You could use CHOP intself too. I really love the hospital and its fun when marc goes there. I truly belive marc would be far worse off then he is but the ABM therapy he has used saved him (and it really does spark intellagince) our therapist is in red bank if you want her number she is more than willing to anser all questions. email me ditrectly at if you would like

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